Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Have ignored the blog for the past couple weeks, but here's the deal: We moved.

Sold the house in Sleepy Hollow. Bought one in Rockwood. Everything went down in a matter of weeks, and we're exhausted. Randy just brought the last of the storage-unit stuff back to our new home tonight, so now the unpacking can begin in earnest.

You don't know how much crap you own until you have to move it. What in the world do we DO with this stuff? Why do we keep it? I plan to be completely ruthless over the next few weeks and just get rid of as much as I can. Goodwill and DAV, here we come.

Stay tuned for photos. I'm too tired to focus right now.


Heather rules said...

Good Luck! I'm always amazed at how much we accumulate over time.
You'll feel great once you get rid of some of it.

So when I can expect my 34 cans of chicken broth?

Peggy said...

We just went through this and I'm still gathering items for the DAV!
Good Luck!

Amy D. said...

I feel your pain! We moved into our new house, and four weeks later had a new baby, too! Can you imagine? What the hell was I thinking?

scrapmom4 said...

How exciting! I think of you when we drive through the historic district in downtown Mesa. Many years ago I was waxing poetic about wanting an old house and you reminded me that they're often a PITA and expensive to maintain. I still love old houses, but 30 years old is old enough for me! :)