Sunday, January 11, 2009

You learn something (or three) every day

Three things I discovered so far today:

1) The Target generic version of Aveeno lotion is great.

2) L'Oreal True Match makeup is not so great -- and definitely not an equivalent of my usual Clinique foundation.

3) A 50-sheet variety pack of craft foam and some Tacky Glue can keep my daughter happy for hours.


chitknit said...

Where are the photos of the craft foam/glue projects?


Tell Hannah I'm hers in craftiness,

Candice said...

Clinique is amazing

Peggy said...

Bella loves craft foam too. I keep a art box for her to use when she comes over. It keeps her entertained for hours.

Sarah Yost said...

Agreed on the Loreal true match. Bad news. Went back to my Mac after that.