Friday, February 27, 2009


This is my boy's latest school picture.

I've described his weirdo expression as "something between come-hither and creepy." But I think I prefer my friend Denice's take, after I posted this on Twitter: "I think he was channeling Hugh Hefner -- or maybe Heath Ledger -- just a little."

There's so much going on here that I absolutely love:
  1. His hair. It's an overgrown surfer-boy/bowl cut, but it looks like some parent or photo assistant tried to sweep it to one side to make it look less unruly. Now it just looks overgrown and ridiculous.
  2. His highwaters. I swear the boy grew about three inches in one night recently, but I figured we could make it to shorts season without having to buy new jeans. And then.... Picture Day. Curses!!
  3. That cheesy bubble-letter name feature in the background. How fortuitous that Jack's head covered up the "J," resulting in a particularly fitting "ACK." My sentiments exactly.
  4. Yeah, we're ordering the big package. We'll be needing these photos for Jack's wedding reception.


chitknit said...

His wedding reception...

AND his senior ad in the yearbook!

Don't forget that!

I think it's hilarious that the photographer or digital manipulator couldn't compose the photo to move him to the side of his name.

Janelle said...

He's still adorable!

Ginger said...

WICHITA WANTS LIFETOUCH BACK!!!!! They would NEVER let something like that slide!!!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that a picture can be so completely Jack, and a pose can be so completely not Jack.

Ack is right. Every year is better than the one before!

Ahs_Mommy said...

This reminds me so much of my son's photos. (except my guy is only 3) He also has crazy hair going on and high water pants.

and why on earth did they make it so at least one letter of the name is behind the child's head???

i can't resist commenting on ginger's comment! maybe Lifetouch wouldn't "let something like that happen" but they would still be using the same tree stump and nature background they haved used since the early 90's!!! I have 4 years worth of photos of my older kids perched on that stupid stump!