Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven things you might not know about me...

  1. I procrastinate. Big time. Proof: My Twitter buddy Scott Hepburn tagged me in this "Seven Things" game way back in December.
  2. I love winter, even when it's gray and bitter and nasty. I don't like icy roads very much, but give me a cold day over a hot, humid one anytime, especially now that we have a fireplace. I absolutely love snow, and feel cheated whenever it snows and I don't have a chance to go out and play.
  3. I'm a bit of a pyromaniac. (See No. 2.) I love to start fires, tend fires, stoke fires and throw stuff into fires to see whether/how it will burn. To me, campfires are the absolute best part of camping, and I don't even like s'mores all that much.
  4. My husband was engaged to someone else when we met. (What can I say? That just wasn't meant to be.) We met on a road trip from Wichita to Denver, where we covered a story about an injured Kansas soldier being reunited with his family. That day, in 1991, also was the day video footage of the Rodney King beating was first broadcast. We watched it on CNN in the hotel bar after we got to Denver, at about 2 a.m.
  5. I was an extra in "Bull Durham." (Actually, almost everyone I know *does* know this fact about me, because I slip it in to conversations at every opportunity. This is just another example.) The movie was filmed in Durham while I was a student at N.C. State, just down the highway. Producers put out a call for extras for crowd shots, so my roommate and I drove up there to be part of it. We're in the scene where the Bulls play the Asheville Tourists -- a night game.
  6. I have a bionic leg. OK, it's not really bionic, but I do have a titanium rod down the length of my right shin. I tripped over a doll stroller in April 2006 and badly fractured both bones in my right leg. Spent a week in the hospital and a couple months in physical therapy, and although my leg is pretty much back to normal, it still gets achy every once in a while. I swear it has something to do with the weather.
  7. I've never seen "Citizen Kane." (Does this make me a horrible journalist?) It's been on my to-do list for, like, decades. I've just never gotten around to it.


Jamie said...

Citizen Kane is on my DVR right now. I've never seen it either, and Lord only kows when I'll find time to watch it. Wish we could watch it together over a bottle vod, err... I mean, wine.

Mike said...

Regarding the achy bionic leg, it likely does have something to do with the weather.

--geek ON--
You see, titanium is a metal, and metals expand and contract with changes in temperature. Bones, not-so-much. If the rod is close enough to the surface then it's not always going to maintain 98.6 degrees, unless it's covered by muscle (like the L-shaped plate bolted to *my* right tibia) or some other insulating bodily substance that I will only allude to by pointing out that you never hear-tell of complaints of achiness due to metallic orthopeadic implants from the whale, walrus or sea lion communities.

Anyway, back to the bone/metal thermal expansion qualities - the metal will grow/shrink, causing compression/tension on the bones they are attached too, which can cause a bit of discomfort - just like Wolverine experiences in "X-Men" when Magento causes his metal claws to spread apart.

Since you have discomfort from weather changes, I can surmise that one or more of the following is true:

1) Your rod is located in a place where there isn't normally any muscle, or you're a weak girly-man girl who is just lacking muscle in that area.

2) You are not a member of the whale, walrus or sea lion community

--geek OFF--

-Mike (who is not a doctor, but did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once and still feels a little dirty from the experience)

Scott Hepburn said...

Ha ha! I love it! I get a feeling being a pryo comes in handy for those cold Wichita winters ;)